Just Call Me “The Jean Genie”

Here are 3 new companies that are really making “strides” no pun intended, in the jean industry. Tailoring jeans to fit any age, shape, and almost any budget.  Now that is something I think is worth blogging about.

UNIQLO “Changing Jeans”

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Their slogan is “Changing Jeans” and their campaign is all about “change.” Sound familiar? It seems more like a political campaign rather than advertising campaign, but it reeled me in, so it’s working .  Let me just relay the message on their behalf- they are changing the way we shop for jeans, the expected value, the price, the feelings we feel while shopping for jeans and it is all change for the better! I decided to do a little “field research” and I will have to admit, their site is really edgy and you feel like you are such a “hipster” but at the same time, you’re getting the latest fashions at Costco prices, which makes it even more fun! Under the “Stich & Sew” tab, there is nothing over $39.50. I posted one of my favorite items. I also have my eye on a pair of dark navy skinny linen trousers. I found this company while glancing through another fine publication I love, Nylon Magazine the April 2010 Issue. Check out UJ at uniqlo.


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Design Your Own Jeans or choose from their extensive “Virtual Closet” of designs. If for any reason you receive your jeans, and are unhappy with them for literally -ANY- reason, they will take them back and fix them so that you are one happy camper! Pretty cool, huh? Check them out at IndiDenim.

Make Your Own Jeans

Click on photo for product details and purchasing information.

So, this site is the cheapest and greatest resource for jeans that you just want to try out and then ditch as soon as the style goes, well, out of style.  For example, these leather jeans, and yes, they are pure Napa leather and custom made to fit your exact measurements, are only $90.00. That is pretty hard to beat considering leather leggings generally range anywhere from $5-600.00.  It is worth checking out, so visit them at Make Your Own Jeans.

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