So, I do not exactly have one particular theme to today’s post except these following words: Sale, Discount, Beautiful, Shiny, Value, Limited Supply, Limited Time! So, get on it y’all!

Courtesy of "Shopaholics Anonymous"

Helping Hands

Llya Kebede, an ethiopia native and designer/philanthropist is changing the way we view high-fashion by helping revive a thousand year-old art and employing the impoverished artists themselves. Now that is what I call a fashion statement! Check out these amazing hand-woven, organic, scarves and belts. I just love them. Coming out soon for fall 2010, and of course, there is a children’s line as well, so you and your little cutie can both help a good cause. Courtesy of, we get a first hand look at the new up-coming line from Kebede herself.  Click on the link below

Kebede’s Helping Hands

SALE: Hurry to get in on the goods- goodwill that is.

Just Look At Her Hair!

Yes. This is the product that every curly/wavy haired girl has been praying for. Well, ladies, your prayers have been answered.  These two products will keep your hair in-line even if the weather is being very naughty! Check them out!

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Armani Prive Couture Fall 2010 Look

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Cooper by Courtney

An old, yet very young hometown friend of mine has stepped out of the box and is painting the town yellow, turquoise, and pink with her fun and sexy Spring collection. While she is located in Dallas, TX her line is making its way all across the globe. Check out Cooper by Courtney for more product information and a store near you!

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Etsy Finds of The Day

Etsy- Leoniesaliba

This is such a unique piece and for $18.00- it is hard to beat! Beautiful and versatile . The chain is long enough to double or wrap around a wrist and sport as a bracelet. I love pieces that are functional and versatile. It is gold and silver which allows you to wear it whether you prefer gold or silver jewelry!

Etsy –Longwinterfarm

Travel Soap Bars

Wedding Favors- 100 Travel Soap Bars for $150.00

You choose the scent, color, and message added to labels. She will even customize colors and scents to compliment or even match wedding color pallet.  These are all hand-cut, so the shape may vary slightly. Such a unique and beautiful reminder of that special day!

Etsy- Wostudio

Huge 5 pc Original Custom made Abstract Modern Contemporary Fine Art Painting by Destiny Womack - Giant 60X48 $349.00

I have been watching Destiny’s paintings weekly and they are truly original and beautiful. She is underselling her work, but aren’t we all right now? As you can see from the picture you are getting 5 paintings for about $69.80 a piece.


Zebra Print
Zebra Print for $12.00 8X10 professional Matte Print

I ordered this exact one as well as an elephant print in turquoise! They shipped them out immediately and I love it everyday I see it!

Etsy – Vintage Chase

Handmade White Leather Bag Jacqueline tote made from a white leather trench coat Lots of great pockets and perfect for a laptop or weekend getaway! $225.00

A woman with a great idea and good head on her shoulders is making it easier for us to “Go Green” on OUR shoulders. Cool huh? She uses vintage leathers and Upcycled materials to create amazing and one-of-a-kind bags! Check my fav bags out then go and look for yourself! I also love The Melinda Hobo Bag for $185.00.

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Gilt Group Finds of The Day


$69.00 marked down from $148.00

On sale now through July 29th 9 PM PDT priced from $48.00-69.00 from the original $148.00 on Have Fun!

Double Happiness- Charolette Earrings

$48.00 from $150.00 sale ends 08/04/10 at 8 pm

$48.00 from $150.00   sale ends 08/04/10 at 8 pm

Lee Angel Wide

Lee Angel Wide Turquoise Necklace $75.00 marked down from $210.00

Lee Angel Wide Turquoise Necklace $75.00 marked down from $210.00.  Sale ends 7/29 9 pm pdt

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