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Abby Goes Shopping at The LA Flower Mart

Abby Fender at The LA Flower Mart from Abby Fender on Vimeo.

Hey Guys,
So, I hope you enjoyed the show, and here are a few pictures of the things I saw and eventually created out of my $90.00 of fabulous flowers and $100.00 for supplies, tools, and a big vase. Not too bad.
Josef Mieli from “Dalsol Orchid Warehouse” is a great resource and I cannot tell you how affordable his orchids are compared to any flower retailer in the city. Not only are they stunning, but they are healthy and come in a wide variety of colors and breeds. Also, check out the moss I mentioned- “Deer Moss.” It is really cool stuff! More to come…

Here’s the info:

Dalsol Orchid Warehouse
(213) 614-1925
San Julian St. Los Angles, CA

The Los Angeles Flower Mart
766 Wall Street Los Angeles, CA
Mon. – Sat., 6 am to 2 pm
(213) 627-3696

Phail Orchids at Dalsol Orchid Warehouse
Phail Orchids at Dalsol Orchid Warehouse
LA Flower Mart
The Original LA Flower Mart
Abby's Home-made arrangement
Abby's Home-made arrangement

Flowers at the Mart

Great Greenery
Great Greenery

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Put The Cart Before The Horse

Fall Forward Ahead of Time

Here’s what we have to be looking and shopping for right now to get the deals for Fall 2010’s fashion topsy turvy- as we have a lot of major changes to expect. However, by shopping now and clearing out vintage stores and relatives’ closets your wallet won’t suffer the consequences. Shopping is the only subject that actually translates financial jargon such as “economic forecasts and trends” in a way I can understand and apply it in day-to-day life.  So, here we go!

The Fall 2010 Runway Rundown:

  • It’s all about the 60’s and not the hippy short-skirt-bohemian verging on 70’s, but the elegant calf length A-line, button down skirts in camels, wools, suedes, chocolates, and amazing feminine tall boots and hats 60’s
  • Silk blouses with the center bow-neckties, feminine yet tailored
  • My favorite accent accessory happens to be the long calf to knee length overcoats in camel or large wool capes with oversized buttons. Blazers, Berrets, wool hats, gloves, over-the-top elegance in understated cuts and colors
  • Layers
  • Double Breasted Overcoats- mid-calf to knee length trenches
  • Stalkings- yes ladies, stalkings
  • Elegant turtle necks, cowl necks, ribbed sweaters belted with long skirts and belts topped off with berrets
  • The hair and make-up is just as important to finish the polished and elegant look.  Accessories are classic.  We are going back in time this season and it is going to be a blast AKA: time to rade Grandma’s closet asap time! So, ladies- trade your summertime rompers for faux flings and thigh-high cut-offs for sky high platform heels and slacks! Here’s what I mean:
Photos Courtesy of Vogue August 2010 isssue

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Today’s Sale Flash

Today is the day to shop. If you do not have time to go to the stores, it is okay, here are the top save the day and money posters I received and am passing onto you! Enjoy.

Click on the posters to go shopping

Restoration Hardware Online Sale

Tablet Haute Hotel Deals

Bloomingdales Mad About Shoes Sale

Barneys New York Warehouse Sale

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