Abby Fender at The LA Flower Mart from Abby Fender on Vimeo.

Hey Guys,
So, I hope you enjoyed the show, and here are a few pictures of the things I saw and eventually created out of my $90.00 of fabulous flowers and $100.00 for supplies, tools, and a big vase. Not too bad.
Josef Mieli from “Dalsol Orchid Warehouse” is a great resource and I cannot tell you how affordable his orchids are compared to any flower retailer in the city. Not only are they stunning, but they are healthy and come in a wide variety of colors and breeds. Also, check out the moss I mentioned- “Deer Moss.” It is really cool stuff! More to come…

Here’s the info:

Dalsol Orchid Warehouse
(213) 614-1925
San Julian St. Los Angles, CA

The Los Angeles Flower Mart
766 Wall Street Los Angeles, CA
Mon. – Sat., 6 am to 2 pm
(213) 627-3696

Phail Orchids at Dalsol Orchid Warehouse
Phail Orchids at Dalsol Orchid Warehouse
LA Flower Mart
The Original LA Flower Mart
Abby's Home-made arrangement
Abby's Home-made arrangement

Flowers at the Mart

Great Greenery
Great Greenery

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