Japanese T-shirt, the thought which takes one’s mind on to an entourage of punk t-shirts, is a creative blend of art and fabric, an upbeat street fashion exclusive to Japan.

The Japanese T-Shirt design and trend has not only managed to hit the right chord among the teens and the fashion-enthusiasts but also compelled pro-designers and fashion experts to explore its vibrancy and colors to enliven the ramps further.

Art-inspired fashion is one of the mesmerizing Japanese T-shirt trends catching on with the pulse of the people.

Art doesn’t quite get its due cut in museums, be it in terms of space or its exposure to the world. How about wearing the art and taking it places? That’s exactly what the trend is about.

T-shirts with art works inscribed on it, is becoming a must-have on every youth’s wardrobe. From some funky designs to contemporary art, from caricatures to some classic pull-offs, every piece of art gets its place on the T-shirt. To add some more personal style statements, one can also put up one’s very own art piece or artistic designs on to a t-shirt making it unique to the world outside. The summer and spring collections have tasted a good bite of art inspired fashion and the streets are just becoming synonymous to art museums!

The Japanese T-shirt design and trends have got some native innovations too.

The ‘Harajuku’ style of designing T-shirts or call it, the harajuku punk T-shirts, has created a pleasant buzz in the fashion circuit.

Popularized in U.S by the Gwen Stefani’s entourage of Harajuku girls and by Fruits magazine, the demand for harajuku T-shirts has increased tremendously. The Harajuku district of Tokyo has reached the heights of fame and the youths there, outfitted in the street style of theirs are viewed with admiration by many passer-by tourists and furthermore are photographed quite often by many.

These gothic Lolita outfits are ideal for clubbing or for hangouts with buddies. The design techniques of this Japanese T-shirt trend are quite akin to the usual design techniques incorporated by Japanese youth.

It involves imprinting desired pattern pieces on to a knit fabric like a T-shirt, with some graphic customization which gives it the much wanted Harajuku touch.

The Japanese T-Shirt design and trend is simple, vibrant, youthful and attractive. Soothing to the pockets and upbeat in fashion trends, the Japanese T-shirt design and trends are ought to enhance the personality of its dwellers.

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Author: Daniel Choo
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