Happiness is something that everyone wants in life. Think about the goals and dreams you have. The main reason why you want those things is because you believe that it will make you happy. The truth is that those things can only give you a feeling and that is exactly what we are all after, a feeling. When we accomplish goals, we feel like we are bettering ourselves. When we feel like we are growing as a person, we will feel happier than when we are staying the same declining in growth.

Self improvement can help you increase your happiness. The way it can do this is because it’s all about improving yourself. When you look at what aspects of your life makes you happy and which ones don’t make you all that happy, you can see what areas needs to be improved upon. Let’s say you are very successful financially but your relationship is in the gutter. By working on improving that aspect of your life, you will also be increasing your happiness. Let’s look at another example. If your body is in excellent condition and you have a great relationship but financially, you are broke, it can cause your happiness to suffer a bit. By working on improving that aspect, again, you can increase your happiness.

When it comes down to it, you need a balance in all areas of your life. When we focus on one aspect of our life, other aspects will tend to decline. The person who spends 16 hours working on his business will have little time for his loved ones for example. Although certain areas of your life could decline as you put your focus on improving a different area, you are still improving your life overall because the decline that you will see most likely won’t be as bad as where it was before you worked on it.

The key here is to find out which area of your life is most important to you. Which area is the second most important and so on. By putting the different areas of your life in order of importance, you can decide where your focus should be. Now for some people, they need all areas of their life to be in peak condition. Although this is difficult, it can be done with a little planning and time. Self improvement as a whole is something that you want to get serious with if you ever want to be truly happy.

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Author: Kelly T.
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