It may be so that you are trying to finish your task but you fail all the time. Ultimately it takes a few weeks to finish your task. Why so? It is sure that you are distracted from your goal. Now you are not goaded by motivation. But there is something else that goads you. Why such debacle? Have patience. Listen to the call of your mind. Organize your self. You are sure to find the cause. There go the self-improvement tips to aid the process.

Actually you have to take the sat of the driver. The moment you lose the seat you are to embrace failure. Be steadfast in your goal. If your aim is a bit distracted you have to taste the flavor of failure. First of all you have to listen to your heart. If you pay heed to what your heart says you can be able to organize yourself.

Listen to what other says. Be motivated to hear the advice of others. But pay heed to those words that have power to boost you. In this mundane world there are lots of words. But most of them are trashes. If someone advices you to move forward to your goal without being thwarted you are lucky enough. In this world here are few people who have guts to advice you. So try to be a good listener. Listen to what other people say. But never be motivated with irrelevant ideas.

You may take a piece of paper and put down all the thoughts that are coming up with renewed force. If the thoughts are barren never offer importance to them. Just put down the thoughts and ultimately tear the paper to pieces. In this way you can be get rid of unwanted emotions.

Now you have to steal a few minutes to organize your disturbed thoughts. Keep yourself confined in a room. Stop all the necessary works that are pending. Keep focus on your concentration. Watch, it is not diverted. Now you can take the help of breathing exercises. Just inhale and exhale in a spontaneous manner keeping the rhythm intact. You are sure to watch hat the disturbing emotions gradually subsiding.

If breathing exercise offers no benefit go out on the street. Walk briskly for some time.You may take your friend with you. Let the thoughts fly to another direction. Concentrate on the words of your friend. All you have to take care of is walking. If thoughts disturb you may sing aloud. Watch gradually how it works. Walk gently.

There is a good thing for you. Jumble all the ideas that made you boosted up all the day round on a paper. Now try to read the points aloud. You are sure to notice that the good points are shaking you hard. You are coining a sweet feeling from the jumbled words. You can feel motivated just at this particular hour.

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Author: Manidip Banerjee
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