With the icy temperatures persisting as they are this winter, we’re sure to see fashion trends locked in a deep freeze until a late spring arrives this year. However, the need to keep warm means lots of options to accessorize, and there is plenty of variety this season. If you want smart or something to go with all those outer layers, the trends are particularly generous this year, and there is seemingly something for everyone. So what are the favourites for this season?

Trapper Hats: Definitely in this year, you’re likely to see trappers in all the high street shops for both boys and girls this winter. In a range of colours and faux fur styles, these are sure to remain a favourite as long as the cold keeps up.

Courier Bags: On the overstuffed and robust side, courier bags are still the preferred choice among the chaps, especially in terms of street fashion. Taking inspiration perhaps from bike courier cool, the somewhat weighty look is sure to set off a sharp military coat this winter.

Clutch Purse: Just because it’s cold outdoors doesn’t mean that ladies can’t get their way with minimal accessories this winter. One-piece clutch purses, especially silk numbers, give that stripped-down look which can set off a little black dress so well.

Bobble Hat: The knitted look is still going strong, and at the moment thankfully so! Get to grips with this alpine-chic and avail yourself of the most chunky of materials – the handmade appearance seems to be by far the most popular.

Fashion Umbrellas: With Britishness most definitely influencing men’s styles and also having started the ‘female dandy’ trend for 2010, umbrellas are the natural gentleman’s accessory choice. Find something on the long, skinny side, with a patterned sleeve being the darling.

Brooches: Both ladies and mens brooches are enjoying a prolonged success on the catwalks for winter 2010. Again, the military ‘crux’ style contrasts excellently with a fine pea coat or navy jacket excellently, whereas heavy floral numbers are perfect for slim fitting jackets for the lasses.

Cuffs: Along with gloves, knitted ladies cuffs complement a warm jacket and bobble hat combo well this season. Ribbed knit numbers are particularly ‘in’ at the moment, in a range of colours to make your outfit complete.

Argyle Scarves: For men wanting to shy away from the unwieldy feeling that comes with some thick scarves, the slim argyle number is ideal. This goes especially well with a jumper and shirt combination, and gives a better, sharper profile to an outfit.

Before the snows subside, take advantage of this accessory proliferation, and get into something that’s likely to touch off your fashion choices this winter. Matalan offer a range of men’s and women’s knit wear on trend with this winters hottest fashion.

Matalan offers a range of women’s knit wear on trend with this winters hottest fashion.

Author: Katie Brunt
Article Source: EzineArticles.com
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