Humor Clothing is one of the latest trends to hit the streets. Its bold, electric colours and unusual details make it a head-turner wherever it’s worn. Designed with the young, adventurous fashionista in mind, most people will take to Humor Clothing easily. But if you’re new to the world of fashion and are making your first steps into wearing alternative clothing, here are a few tips to help you style your outfit with this new Danish brand.

Drop-Crotch Jeans

Humor are most famous for their loose, drop-crotch, ‘anti-fit’ jeans which make an asset out of their unusual shape. They come in four styles: the ‘Dean’, ‘Nixon’, ‘Santiago’ and ‘Zanka’ which range from the subtly altered to the extreme-cutting edge. Humor Jeans and chinos sometimes come in a distressed look with stitching bared while others opt for a smarter look. The ‘Lago’ and ‘Cesar’ shorts also feature the drop-crotch and are perfect for sunny days on holiday or at home.

Humor jeans look out of the ordinary by their very nature. If you want them to match the rest of your outfit, try it with bright coloured layers on-top (think cardigans and t-shirts) with a pair of plain coloured pumps or espadrilles. Why not ditch the socks and try rolling up the cuffs on the chinos as well? Matching your jeans and shoes with a stylish belt is also very important – no part of the Humor outfit should go ignored.

Oversize Knits and Unusual Shirts

Another distinctive part of Humor Clothing’s ‘look’ is the use of chunky cuts and sizes for their cardigans and the eccentric finishing details on their shirts. This is a fashion brand that’s quite comfortable pairing off metropolitan street fashion influences from Japan with some old-time fashion advice from their granddads (just check out the aptly named ‘Granddad shirt’). Humor understand that being cool often means avoiding trying to be cool – if a look grabs you then you should wear it.

The main piece of advice for wearing Humor’s range of knits and clothing is: celebrate their eccentric features, don’t try to cover them up. Wearing the oversize cardigans with a pair of skinny jeans and converse trainers is a good starting point. For the shirts, if yours features an unusual collar like the bullneck collar, don’t try and conceal it – button it to the top or leave it open as the style dictates!

Have a Sense of Humor

Clothing and fashion is meant to be a source of fun and inspiration. If you want an outfit that celebrates your individuality and creative spirit, one of Humor’s large range of fashion-forward items is bound to help you achieve your desired look. There are many reputable retailers selling Humor Clothing in the UK, but shop only with those who have the largest ranges. These are the most trusted retailers.

To sum up: buy Humor, wear Humor and have fun.

Gary Cotter has written many articles on fashion and styling for men and women, including Humor Clothing and others. For the low-down on how to dress to impress, be sure to read Gary’s other articles on fashion and styling. Click here for the best in Humor.

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