After swimming through countless street fashion sites and books, one thing pops out. Amongst men, and especially Western European men, a slim fit pant or jeans rolled with a cuff is definitely the style. Popular with the “wise” crowd as well as the youth, this jeans style stands the test of time and showcases a keen eye toward detail and fit.


The biggest population of men taking part in this trend seems to be the Italians. Most street fashion sites focus on the hot spots of Rome and Milan, and both locations prove to be hotbeds of chic style. In Italy, men of all ages wear a trouser style pant or jean in a very straight, narrow fit then roll the cuff so it hits just above the ankle, creating the look of intentional high-waters. To top it all off they wear a great fitting blazer or sweater with a tie and an incredible pair of, what else, Italian leather shoes. Socks are optional.


In Paris the straight leg, rolled pants are around in abundance, yet slightly less than what is seen in Italy. Some men take a variation on the look and grab a pair of dark wash jeans in narrow fit, not quite skinny jeans but fitted, and roll the cuff just once, but high up to create a 4-inch cuff that sits at the ankle or just below. Still others partake in the Italian classic by rolling the dark wash jeans above the ankle.

Be it Italy, France or seen sporadically throughout western Europe, the straight leg, dark pant or jeans with a rolled cuff is definitely in style and has been for quite some time. Keep it classic cool like the Italians and pair the style with a sharp jacket and killer shoes. For urban cool, follow the footsteps of the Parisians and keep it in a dark jean paired with a pea coat or trench and fitted boots. In the end, take inspiration, and then make it your own.

Tess Ferrton is a fashion lover and personal shopper with a flair for finding the perfect jeans.

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