Fashions are social phenomena common to many fields of human activity and thinking. Fashion is a term that usually applies to a prevailing mode of expression, but quite often applies to a personal mode of expression that may or may not apply to all. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening. Fashion design differs from costume design due to its core product having a built in obsolescence usually of one to two seasons.


Do you admire how other women’s bags seem to compliment, not clash, with their style. Find out if it’s time to give your usual brands and hairstyle a rest and try something new. Don’t think it’s an accident these style arbiters found a memorable look and stuck with it: savvy fashion types know that a signature statement will personalize your look. The term “fashion” is frequently used in a positive sense, as a synonym for glamour and style. The rises and falls of fashions have been especially documented and examined in the following fields Architecture, interior design, and landscape design Arts and crafts Body type, clothing or costume, cosmetics, grooming, hair style, and personal adornment Dance and music Forms of address, slang, and other forms of speech Economics and spending choices, as studied in behavioral finance Entertainment, games, hobbies, sports, and other pastimes Etiquette Management, management styles and ways of organizing Politics and media, especially the topics of conversation encouraged by the media Philosophy and spirituality (One might argue that religion is prone to fashions, although official religions tend to change so slowly that the term cultural shift is perhaps more appropriate than “fashion”)Social networks and the diffusion of representations and practices Sociology and the meaning of clothing for identity-building Technology, such as the choice of programming techniques. Fashion design is the applied art dedicated to the design of clothing and lifestyle accessories created within the cultural and social influences of a specific time.


Luxury adornment has always been at the top of the pyramid, setting apart the haves from the have-nots. Luxury was a natural and expected element of upper class life, like belonging to the right clubs or having the right surname. Luxury went out of fashion, and it stayed out of fashion until a new and financially powerful demographic-the unmarried female executive-emerged in the 1980s.

Fashion design is the applied art dedicated to the design of clothing and lifestyle accessories created within the cultural and social influences of a specific time. Fashion design is generally considered to have started in the 19th century with Charles Frederick Worth who was the first person to sew their label into the garments that they created. Fashion got political in Rome on Sunday when Italian designer Fernanda Gattinoni sent models down the catwalk in floor-length puffball gowns. Fashion designer Stella McCartney has distanced herself from a row between animal rights campaigners and sportswear giant adidas over the use of kangaroo leather to make shoes. Fashion week’s opening show is is a pretty, short ode to the major influences of the northern hemisphere’s spring/summer season.

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