Many people are finding it difficult to find contentment in their lives. We consume more and more thinking this will make us feel good but there is still a feeling of lack. This article offers some tips for discovering how to bring happiness into your life.

Perhaps you have tried many ways to find happiness but not have brought you any lasting happiness. You begin to doubt if it is achievable and become frustrated.

The first step to finding lasting happiness is to realise that you have been looking in the wrong place. Experiences are short lived and by their nature are impermanent. They will bring you a thrill but it will not last. Many of us search for new experiences thinking that is where it’s at but if you pay attention you will soon realise once the experience is over you are back to feeling the same as before if not worse. Contentment cannot be bought, unlike many adverts on TV try to lead us to believe. Money is not going to bring you inner peace, it may bring you comfort but you will still have a longing for something more.

How does one find contentment?
Look within – Stop seeking happiness outside yourself through accumulation of wealth, experiences or objects. Turn your search inwards. Contentment is a state of mind that is always available.
Embrace what is – By going with the flow and embracing what arises each moment we will stop looking in the future for our contentment but discover it now.
Time management – Don’t spend too much time dwelling on the future or the past. Use every moment you can focusing on the present moment.
Goals – Set yourself goals and achieve them. Having a sense of purpose and reaching your targets will bring you a sense of well being.

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