Times are tough, but that just means the tough have to get going…downtown!  Many people do not realize this, but most of the boutiques in Beverly Hills and Los Angeles in general are buying their goods downtown for wholesale prices  at stores that are open seven days a week who are willing to sell the same exact goods to you and I for the same exact wholesale prices! Here’s a helpful little hint, go on a weekday rather than on the weekend and everything will suddenly be 50% off- the parking, the shoes, jewelry, clothing, everything!  Most people I talk to say, “Well, I don’t know where to go downtown?” Well, you will never learn if you never try. Just start out on Olympic and Santee and walk from store to store. Eventually, you will find your way. You will go from the shoes and jewelry to the prom and formal gowns to the fabric district, then to the flower district.  It is the best part of Los Angeles but only during the day and do not go wearing your finest jewelry and clothing. Don’t act like a tourist and do not expect five star customer service. You get what you pay for but it is an absolute blast! Watch and learn!


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