If you are like me, you might not quite be ready to take that leap into the lovely summer ‘uniform’ we have all come to know and dread; the bathing suit! Or even worse, the BIKINI! However, these suits will have you doing back handsprings as you swan dive ever so elegantly into this years pool of amazing choices!

Head First:

WBH Swim.com for “Retro” Swim Caps

Vintage Bubble Crepe Swim Cap with Petal Flowers

Click on the photos for purchasing information

$12.75 each

Match your swimsuit with this Swim Cap in a variety of colors
*Snug fit aids in keeping hair dry!
*Great for people with a lot of hair
*Very durable (one size fits all)!
*Packaged in a polybag

If swim caps aren’t your thing, which let’s face it, most of us hate them! Then, there are always scarves, such as the oh so classic “Jackie O.” and giant sunglasses look, or a really great big hat with a scarf wrapped around the band to match your suit, or a trendy little Fedora- the options, are endless! Just Go Big or GO Home! I always try to bring a really fabo towel too that either compliments my suit or is very beachy. And do not listen to anyone who tells you not to wear make-up! They are crazy! That is why waterproof mascara was invented! Goodness gracious! One more thing, no one can force you into a bathing suit, so do not let it stop you from attending a summer pool/beach party. Just wear a really cute outfit and say you are either going somewhere after wards, or just coming from somewhere or you cannot get in major sun due to medication- or just don’t say anything at all and make them all lust after you! Have fun whatever you do!!

Abby Fender- Your Bargain Buddy and Personal Shopping Material Girl!

For Some reason, I have been really inspired by the iconic photos taken of Grace Kelly featured in the March issues of Vanity Faire. One in particular features her in a white bikini sitting on a red and white striped towel. It is just proof that even the simplest suit can make a beautiful statement. Of course, Grace Kelly could wear a potato sack and make it look beautiful, but you get my point.

Now, time to go to the “deep-end” and see what we can find!

I have decided to pick suits that will flatter the average gal.  I am sticking with classics and vintage/retro prints and styles.  My personal style is a mix of classic/vintage with a touch of modern flair- so, I am going to incorporate those elements in my top 10, or 11 I guess, swimwear 2010 picks!

Click on photos to purchase.
Belafigura V Neck Plunge Swimsuit Available for Breast Cancer

Belafigura V Neck Plunge Swimsuit Available for Breast Cancer $180.00


Pop Diamond $172.00

Double Layer Tank Obsidian

Double Layer Tank Obsidian by Calaossidiana on Etsy $240.00

This suit is truly special- I am posting a white suit that it exactly the same suit, but the other layer is not sheer, unfortunately, she did not give us any other shots of the black suit, but it is absolutely stunning and unique. Here is the other suit to compare:

Double Layer Tank White


Sabz Luxury Indigo Snake Bandeau $147.00


Badgley Mischka India Tankini $140.00


And one more little happy helper you might like, because they are really cute and really effective!

Now, for the REAL Fun! You will make people start calling you Esther Williams after this! Check it out!


Have a blast as you pick up the basics of Synchronized Swimming: ballet legs, layouts, torpedoes, back tucks and more!
Ongoing Classes are held oceanside in the pool at the Annenberg Beach House in Santa Monica.
Each session is $152 and includes 6 classes. Email them at workshops@Aqualillies.com and reserve your spot today!

Now that we got that over with, how about rewarding ourselves with a few accessories!

Gotta Have The Bag!


LL Bean Boat and Tote Bag, Zip-Top small to XL $24.95 -$37.95

Sailor Tote Bag --for market or beach or gym-- -yellow and white bold striped, X-Large and cotton rope straps-

Sailor Tote Bag --for market or beach or gym-- -yellow and white bold striped, X-Large and cotton rope straps-

Sailor Tote Bag –for market or beach $33.00

Mingzy 005 - Boat On The Beach Bag

Mingzy 005- On The Beach Bag $64.00

Personalized Pull Cooler

Take Me To The Beach Personalized Pull Cooler $36.00

How About A real life-saver?

Instead of those ugly dry sacks you get at the Army Navy Store, try a cute and practical alternative, even the woman making them hasn’t thought of this yet!  Instead of the “Ouch Pouch” just for kids and toddlers, make it the “Ouch Pouch” for sunburns, or “Oops Preventative Pouch” For when you get your cell phone, camera, ipod, buried in the sand castle instead of just yourself! And, they’re on SALE!!!

Sale - 3 for 15 - OUCH POUCH (TM) FIRST AID Organizers for Diaper Bag or Purse - Kiss Baby's Toddler's Children's Boo Boo's Away YOU CHOOSE FABRICS Free Gift w Purchase...Contest

OUCH POUCH (TM) SALE BUY 3 GET 1 FREE - First Aid / Travel / Diaper Bag Accessory Kiss Your Baby's Boo Boo's Away... Enter contest for free first aid supplies ( 4x5 Michael Miller Boho Blossom Fabric) Mother's Day... Teacher Gift...

The “Ouch Pouch” 3 for $15.00 special!

A Little H2O Anyone?

Vapur Foldable Water Bottle $8.95

Wooloot Negative Ion Sport Watches – Light weight and water resistant $19.95

And of course, you wouldn’t be set for the sun without your sun glasses, but not just any sunglasses!

High Tech Fashion with TriSpec Bluetooth Sunglasses with many styles and colors available. $199.00 each.  At least you will look cool while talking to yourself.

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