New and Amazing Products You May Not Know About


1. Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Pur Couture Vernis à Lèvres Lip Stain

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Why it is so amazing: This is not just any lipstick or gloss. It is both! Well, actually, is is a stain with a built in lightweight high-impact gloss.  It has been called “The nail lacquer for lips.” While the packaging does resemble that of nail polish, YSL Lip Stains are not that sophisticated.  The fact that it stays on for literally hours on end, and the gloss is totally light weight, but lasts for at least two hours, makes it a top beauty product pick! It also is fun because you can layer the amount of color you want, apply a small amount, then for deeper dramatic color, wait 10 seconds and re-apply another coat- just like painting your nails!  Available at Nordstrom’s, SAK’s Fifth Avaenue, and other major retail stores. $32.00

2. Sonya Dakar’s Drying Potion

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Why this product is amazing: This is the best kept secret among Hollywood’s elite! One dab of this stuff and any blemish disappears over night. Great for breakouts and spots!  It looks like Pepto Bismal, but who cares, because you turn into a sleeping beauty overnight.  By morning, it is as if it was never there! Available online Sonya Dakar $25.00

3.  Madame Paulette’s Professional Stain Removal Kit

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Why it is amazing: Madame Paulette’s Professional Stain Removal Kit was invented for the world traveler, the bride who happens to spill on her priceless Vera Wang gown, for the upper East side New Yorker who cannot be bothered with stains ruining their haute couture. Okay, let’s get real, the creator was of course all of these individuals’ dry cleaning company, “Madame Paulette,” who could not afford to ruin their priceless couture! Expert stylists began to learn about the amazing kit and could not go on another magazine shoot, Oscar fitting, well you get my point.  It is now available to people like you and me online at Madame Paulette’s.  She has taken dry cleaning to a whole new level!  $12.50 for one kit or $20.oo for 2 kits

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