My little baby boy! The Smiley one.
My darling-but stubborn one!

If you are like me, I am sure your little furry friends are more than just your dogs, rather your babies. Well, everyone knows that spoiling your dog/child will only result in BAD behavior and no one wants that! So, I have found several “healthy” ways to spoil your pampered pooch, while setting boundaries and keeping you in control at all times.

TRAINING: Make it a game! Get them really excited anytime you are about to work on tricks, commands, and new behaviors. I have two Yorkshire Terriers, who have a few bad behaviors we are working on, but they both have basic obedience training and LOVE to do tricks for their treats!!

WATCH AND LEARN: I have taken the time to watch “It’s Me or The Dog,” as well as “The Dog Whisperer.” Both of these shows teach YOU great new TRICKS, and help you realize that the dog’s behavior is a direct result of your behaviors. Give your doggy a break and focus on the progress, rather than the old, problematic behaviors.  This will keep you both excited and motivated!

DOG BED HEAVEN: I always let my dogs sleep with me, but as of late, I have decided that I need to rethink this decision. Not only are my dogs NOT housebroken after 4 years, but they have started waking me up every morning, so that I get on their schedule! No more!


SOLUTION: Amazing and darling pet crates! Not only will they learn to love them, but they will still be a cute addition to the decor!



HOUSE BREAKING: One of the most difficult feats for myself and I would suspect about a million of other dog owners. So, I have decided to crate train both of my dogs. Here is the good news, while I absolutely hate the thought of stashing my little “love bugs” in an iron crate, I realize it will not only give me freedom to take my dogs over to visit friends, but I will also save hundreds of dollars not buying pee pads, fabric, carpet, wood, and tile cleaners, and no more replacing the carpet, slipcovers, and BED SHEETS, because my little ones just don’t understand the concept of “holding it.”

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Good luck and have fun,

Abby Fender- Your Bargain Buddy and Personal Shopping Material Girl

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