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So Guys,
I am flying American Airlines, “Business Class” today compliments of my newly acquired “Gold Member Status.”

I have enjoyed the benefits of this status over the past year, but wow! I have never enjoyed the many accouterments available on this particular flight. Yes. It is a long one! I am flying to NYC today to do a voice over jingle for Folger’s Coffee, and I will have to say- no complaints thus far!

Business Class is Cool

First, the standard hanging of the coat and complimentary beverage was offered, both of which I gladly accepted. Then, our Diane Lane look-alike flight attendant came around with “entertainment kits”; mini personal DVD players jam packed with Bose Sound-canceling headphones and a plethora of DVDs.

BOSE Sound-canceling headphones

Then, the safety movie comes on- not exciting, but I did consider watching it since that landing in the Hudson river! Then, wait for it…in-flight Internet!!! I got my laptop out asap to try it out. It is offered by www, And- it works like a charm! A little pricey, $14.99 per flight or $29.99 for a month. Mine however, was free because the browser kept messing up the credit card entry form. The live chat help assistant gave me a promotional code for all of my troubles! Hope I have trouble next time:)!

I’m not done yet! The seats are huge! There are 4 different seat adjustments to choose from and one of the most difficult decisions I had to make was whether to recline with the leg rest extension or just the built-in “footpad.”
What really wowed me though, was the gourmet meal served, menu included prior to “Diane” coming around to take our order. Check it out!

Now is that not amazing?!!! Next time you have the opportunity to up-grade to business class and you are flying on a Boeing 757, in other words, a really long flight, try it! It really is worth the extra miles or $50.00!

Oh yeah! Forgot to tell you guys, my ticket only cost me $361.00 total including taxes and fees! Now that is a bargain! And, I booked the trip 3 days prior to my departure date on American Airlines website. Sometimes you can really find a deal, or it finds you!

Bon Nuit and Bon Voyage!

Abby Fender- Your Bargain Buddy and Personal Shopping Material Girl

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