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Cleaning is NOT fun, unless you have the right equipment for the job!

I know I must sound like a complete nut, being that I especially hate to clean, but I have decided that I would rather spend one afternoon getting it done, then looking at it every moment of every day dreading “THE CLEAN ROUTINE!” I decided to go out and find a little motivation to really get me in the spirit.  Shopping always seems to get me prepared for just about anything. I hired this housekeeper for a day because she was sooo out of my budget, and she informed me that she could not clean the hardwood floors without “Microfiber” towels from Costco’s! After she had left, I walked into the bathroom, and noticed she could not clean the tile floors, shower, or bathtub either for some odd reason. I also remember her telling me I would have to purchase special ‘glass and mirror’ cleaning towels along with dish towels (large and small) for the kitchen counters at Ross Dress For Less.

After $150.00 dollars, and a very LONG list of products I needed to purchase in order for her to do her job, I decided the first item I would cross off of my list was HER!! However, I did go out and purchase those items to see what the BIG deal was about paper towels and mops versus dish towels and “Microfiber” towels. Give me a break!

I hate going to Costco’s because I always seem to lose my membership card, and the one time a year I decide to go is the very time I end-up spending $50.00 to renew my yearly membership! Forget it. Instead, I turned to my trusty little online search “engine that could” and discovered,  Good ol’ Dr. Joe was offering a deal, (40) Microfiber towels 16X16, free shipping for a grand total of $18.00! I clicked “purchase” and checked towels off of my list. Pretty darn good.

Then, I bought a couple of the “glass and mirror” cleaning towels at Ralph’s Grocery store, (2 for $1.99). Referring to my list, I noticed Vacuum cleaner underlined and starred, so on to Bed, Bath, & Beyond for a brand new vacuum machine. She might have been a terrible maid, but she was a pretty good little task master! My vacuum had been broken for almost 6 months, so I guessed I could “spring” for a new one. I wanted to try a new brand since I had worn out the Dirt Devil and  The Dyson, something with filter bags rather than the plastic catch-all container that literally sent dust flying everywhere! The salesman told me that Kathi Hilton purchased (10) Garry vacuums, a new brand on the market, over the holidays! I figured, if it is good enough for Mrs. Hilton, it is good enough for Ms. Fender! Thus far, no complaints (www.bedbathand

My absolute favorite purchase of the day were the “haute” hot-pink Casabella rubber gloves I found at The Container Store ( Yes. They were over my budget, but they keep the water from going down your arm with these high-tech lips on the edges of the gloves. They also come in sizes S, M, & L! How clever! Then, I thought about how much I HATE leaning over and reaching to clean the bathtub, so I noticed these hard-core plastic bristled brushes with rubber grips at the super market. I think you are supposed to use these types of brushes to clean car tires, but I hate germs and I believe that sponges harbor germs. With the plastic bristles, if I start to fear that bacteria is taking over my brush- I can just boil the heck out of it!! Also, in one sweep of the brush, I can clean the tiles, shower, & tub with minimal effort and actually get it clean!

The End Result

As for the “Microfiber” towels, I do not get what all the hype is about. I finally broke down and just used my Real Simple Microfiber MOP from Ralphs Grocery store! Now, my floors are sparkling, and I do not think Microfiber is a necessity to clean floors with- actually- I know it isn’t! As for the glass cleaning cloths, I feared the wet cloth would streak as I was instructed to soak the towel in warm water prior to cleaning the glass and mirrored surfaces. My worst fears were realized! What a waste of money! I think that woman just did not feel like cleaning! I find that Windex and newspaper is the best combo for getting glass and mirrored surfaces sparkling. There is no substitute for Softscrub for tiles. And, I still love my Container Store rubber gloves. I wear them anytime water is involved. I think I might be a little obsessed with the gloves, but when you find a product that works-it deserves a little extra attention and appreciation!

Next time, not that there will be a next time for that housekeeper, but if there were, I would make her come to my house and pay ME $150.00!!! I will be uploading a video soon with all of my favorite new cleaning and organizing products, so keep an eye out!

Have fun and happy cleaning!

Abby Fender- Your Bargain Buddy and Personal Shopping Material Girl/Housekeeper!

P.S. Let me know of any cool products you have found and why you like them and I will post them on the blog!

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  1. Jane Fender
    February 23, 2010 at 3:51 PM (8 years ago)

    Hey, Abby! I am shocked but I know how you feel about looking at dirt day after day . .It’s nasty! Once you get to shop for all the great stuff, it’s fun to
    clean once or twice. Then you know how long it should take to clean and you
    can instruct the housekeeper when your boat comes in! No more excuses from your housekeeper. You never pay her what you would pay yourself to clean though. You would charge a fortune to have to do this all the time. Remember, to use the fun stuff . . I recently found 52 brand new sponges under my sink as I was cleaning out my kitchen cabinets and drawers. Instead of cleaning, I just kept buying supplies. Now I don’t have to buy anything for the next year! Think of the money I’ll save! I can’t wait for you to come home and clean out your closet!!!! Maybe Easter???

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