Sale Sisters’ Fashion Heaven

In the real world, clothes we love are designer and never affordable, but in Abby’s world, everyday is a %50 off sale just waiting to be discovered. So, she will not let you go without- just because of a silly little thing called price! Check out the bargain spots that get you looking Haute!

Fall Fashion Week Up-date 2012

It’s Time To Fall all over ourselves over Fall Fashion!!!


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Vintage Fashion Finds

My Favorite Vintage Clothing Sources Online and Los Angeles! 1. Shareen Vintage DowntownShareen VintageVintage Finds Shareen Vintage Entranceoriginaldate

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Jump On In! Or Don’t

If you are like me, you might not quite be ready to take that leap into the lovely summer uniform we have all come to know and dread as the bathing suit! Or even worse, the BIKINI! However, these suits will have you doing back handsprings as you swan dive ever so elegantly into this years pool of amazing choices!

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Missoni Madness

While sitting in room 5-302 a.k.a. “The Jurors’ holding room,” I decided to find some amazing Missoni buys online

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Graduate Fashion Week

If you want to keep your finger on the fashion pulse, there is no better way than attending the annual event that is Graduate Fashion Week. Graduate fashion Week is a great way to find out about up and coming designers and know what is in store in the fashion future.

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Fashion In Clothes – An Expression Of Emotion

Fashion in clothes has allowed wearers to express emotion or solidarity with other people for millennia. Modern Westerners have a wide choice available in the selection of their clothes.

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Luxury Fashion

Fashions are social phenomena common to many fields of human activity and thinking. Fashion is a term that usually applies to a prevailing mode of expression, but quite often applies to a personal mode of expression that may or may not apply to all.

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