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Turn Back The Hands Of Time In Seconds! For REAL!

Here are some great new products I think everyone should know about since they might be the next best things to replace expensive and painful injection-based beauty treatments, not to mention surgery.

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For The Love of Lashes

Everyone is digging all of these amazing new products to get those peepers popping! No one really minds spending $100-$200.00 a month to be able to bash those lashes in full effect.

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Be Jealous of Zebras

Does Anyone See “A Pattern” Here?

I love turquoise and stripes! I never knew myself to be so predictable!  At least these are two things that I KNOW without a shadow of a doubt that I will always love.  Now, if I could only figure out how to budget a checkbook!

Photo found on Life In A Venti Cup
 Photos found on  http://2.bp.blogspot.com/
Photo found on Domino Magazine online
Photos found on BP Blogspot

Photo found on Life In A Venti Cup


Photos found on BP Blogspot
Library of color- What a ‘novel’ idea!
photo found on Sugarluxe

Photo found on Alkemie
Tracey Boss Design Via Dwellers Without Designers – The coolest Bunk-Bed Room Ever!
Photo found on Once Daily Chic
Interior of The Crystal Tower, Madrid by A-Cero
Photo found on Blog A Cero

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Fall Fashion Week Up-date 2012

It’s Time To Fall all over ourselves over Fall Fashion!!!


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Vintage Fashion Finds

My Favorite Vintage Clothing Sources Online and Los Angeles! 1. Shareen Vintage DowntownShareen VintageVintage Finds Shareen Vintage Entranceoriginaldate

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American Airlines Has “Upped” The Ante

I am flying American Airlines, “Business Class” today compliments of my newly acquired “Gold Member Status.”

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So, my good friend Andrea Smith, who I met while living in Nashville, TN, announced her engagement today via Facebook! I just want to say how happy I am for her, because I know the countless blind dates, terrible parties, and frogs she had to go through to find her prince. I know, because I was there! Joshua, I know I have not gotten to meet you yet, but I am so thankful Andi has fallen in love with you and you with her as I know how happy you have made her over the years.  When Andrea came to visit me in Los Angeles, and we set out for our last day’s adventure (surfing), she had mentioned a special young man she had started to date.  I am not saying I am a psychic or anything, but Andi just had that sparkle in her eyes when she talked about her now fiance, Joshua.  I had a feeling he would be “the one.”


To the single ladies out there, it’s all good.  Good things come in time, and a lifetime is a very very longtime so do not settle and do not rush into a relationship heading towards marriage just so you can “be married.”  I know L.A. puts a lot of pressure on us women to be skinny, young, and beautiful forever and the expectations can sometimes be even harder as you get “older,” and by “older” I mean anything over 25, but I promise, just like Andrea and Joshua, you too will find our prince charming! So, let’s raise a glass to the happy couple!!!

WOO HOO!!!!!!!!!

Love you Andi!


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