5 Reasons ‘Moving On Out’ Is Better Than Being ‘Too Legit To Quit’

Sometimes, what you think will be “Movin’ On Up” when you accept your man’s invitation to take that next ‘big step’ to Move-in together, in reality has you wanting to Move On Out and not just out of the house! When it has turned into holy nightmare and things are going downhill, Just Do It- cut your loses and join WestSide Rentals ASAP! Ten ways to figure it out and strategize a new plan to ‘Hit The Road Jack’ so you can “Be Happpppyyyy, like a room without a roof”, or just a different roof!

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How I Got A Fat Lip!

I thought, it looks like more than that! It looks like someone gave me a fat lip! Which they did, but not exactly the way I had planned.

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