Lately, I have been doing a lot of crafty projects, which is not exactly my forte, but every young lady living on a budget will eventually find herself giving in to the harsh realities of learning how to “snake a drain,” or install track lighting, or most recently and in my case, re-upholster dining room chairs! So, I decided to film the process and let you in on how simple and accident prone I, like the “average Joe,” can be sometimes! Enjoy!
Also, check back tomorrow for the flea market extravaganza footage and incredible bargains I found this past Sunday! I found lots of awesome resources for you guys! Can’t wait to share!
Happy Shopping and Good Luck with your Power Tools,

Abby Fender- Your Bargain Buddy and Personal Shopping Material Girl

Abby Fender Recovers Her Dining Room Chairs! from Abby Fender on Vimeo.

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