And The Award Goes To…


Abby and Brianna Deutsch at The 2011 Hollywood Style Awards as Press 

Well not exactly,

The “WHO”: Selma Blair, Tracey Cunningham, Kristen Davis, Kylie & Kendall Jenner, Jaime King, George Kotsiopoulos, Eva Longoria, Mandy Moore, Chloe Moretz, Rose McGowan, Alice Eve, Arianne Phillips, Mara Roszak, Zoe Saldana, Randall Slavin, Molly Stern, Elizabeth Stewart, Cameron Silver & Christos Garkinos of DECADES and more.


Khloe Karashian presents Kylie Kendall Jenner Style Sisters Award at the Hollywood Style Awards with Palladium Jewelry The Palazzo Las Vegas

WHAT: Style expert George Kotsiopoulos, hosted this year’s 2011 Hollywood Style Awards to celebrate the trendsetters in fashion, honoring celebrities, influencers and the style elite who are leading the way in the world of fashion.


                                   Jaimie King and Chloe Moretz at The 2011 Hollywood Style Awards 

WHERE: The ever stylish Smashbox Studios held an amazing cocktail party and presentation with the oh so chic “Ghost” chairs for every member in attendance.  The small circle of industry insiders were all part of the celebration.  In every acceptance speech, you began to get the feeling just how small the fashion world is here in Los Angeles.  Word to the wise for those of you wanting to get into the business here, do not burn any bridges! You will certainly need them!


Mandy Moore and Kristen Davis, Davis wearing vintage Givenchy and both Davis and Moore wearing Palladium jewelry at The 2011 Hollywood Style Award hosted by Palazzo & Palladium, All pictures provided by Palazzo PR

Honorees recognized at the 2011 Hollywood Style Awards Gala included: Elizabeth Stewart for “Stylist of the Year” presented by Kristen Davis; Molly Stern for “Make-Up Artist of the Year” presented by Mandy Moore; Mara Roszak for “Hair Stylist of the Year” presented by Zoe Saldana; Tracey Cunningham for “Colorist of the Year”; Arianne Phillips for “Costume Designer of the Year”; Kylie & Kendall Jenner for “Stylish Sisters”; DECADES for “Hollywood Boutique of the Year” presented by Selma Blair; Chloe Moretz for “One to Watch” presented by Jaime King; Randall Slavin for “Photographer of the Year” presented by Eva Longoria.


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