Bargain Betty’s At It Again!

I’ve been doing my homework, and with Father’s Day right around the corner, you might find these websites to be quite a “haute” resource!


courtesy of Oohilove

This is my personal favorite out of all of the wonderful bargain sites I found. They auction off designer everything for literally $2.00! Don’t believe me- check it out for yourself.

Rent The Runway


courtesy of rent the runway

I think this is a very clever idea. Instead of going out and purchasing designer clothing for “that special occasion” costing you upwards of $3-500.00 or more, rent it! These girls let you reserve the latest styles of accessories, clothing, shows, and more for a very reasonable price. You can reserve the outfit 6 months in advance if you like and then, ship it back to them with a pre-paid envelope and they take care of the dry cleaning as well!


courtesy of TOPBUTTON

This site is absolutely great as well if you are looking for designer names for 50-75% off the regular marked price. I can’t imagine too many people not falling into that category. ┬áThe site is always up-dating and everything is brand spankin’ new! Any, if you spread the word, they will pay you!

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