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I like to take evening walks through Beverly Hills, particularly on Rodeo, Bedford, etc. and check out what everyone has put in their windows. I noticed a few really fabulous trends for spring. Take a look.

The next “haute” thing is actually something already on your head- Hair!! But, here’s the catch- Ribbons and Braids! The Chanel Boutique in Beverly Hills showcases all of the mannequins wearing thick black and white solid three inch wide satin ribbons wrapped around the forehead then braided into a side braid or tightly wrapped around the base of the pony tail about 4 inches down.  Here is a really cool video I found to inspire the look!


Actress Kasja Smutniak attends the Chanel Cruise 2010 Fashion Show on May 14, 2009 in Venice, Italy.  (Photo by Vittorio Zunino Celotto/Getty Images) *** Local Caption *** Kasja SmutniakChanel Ad 2010

Wang Spring 2010

Also, check out these instructions on how to create the Chanel look.

Over The Head Version:

over the head

The easiest way for two braids, such as to go under a hat: Measure a length of ribbon that is as long as your hair–start at one end of your loose-hanging hair, go up over your head, and back down to the end of your hair on the other side. (See the drawing.)

Separate your hair into two sections; left and right. Use a bobby pin to anchor the ribbon at the top of your head so that one end hangs down on the left, and one end hangs down on the right. Start braiding on one side, using the ribbon as one strand and the hair as the other two. When the first side is finished, braid the other side.

To finish, wrap the extra ribbon around the bottom of the braid and tie it off. If you would like more security, use an elastic and then cover the elastic with extra ribbon. This style will result in two braids and a ribbon that goes over the top of your head, which looks kinda nice, or can be covered by a hat.

Not Over the Top Version:

ponytail version

For single braids, or braids without the ribbon going over the top of your head, you can start the braid in the following manner. This is also the easiest way to make a braid and tie it off without elastics. Take a length of ribbon twice as long as the hair you are going to braid. Tie it snugly, with a half-knot, around the hair. Separate the hair into two sections; begin braiding. After making about three crossovers, make sure the ribbon is still tied fairly tightly at the top. Continue braiding to where you want to stop. Wind one of the two ends of ribbon clockwise around the braid, and wind the other one counter-clockwise. Tie off.

How To Keep Braid Cases On Your Hair:

braid cases

If you are wearing braid cases, or just want to tie off your braids without elastic, thread a piece of ribbon straight through the finished braid. Crisscross the ribbon down the braid for about 3″ or more (or over the outside of the braid casing), and finish by wrapping the ends in opposite directions around the braid and tying it off.  Some people think that braid cases are a bit dubious; do a websearch for articles if you’re interested in the issue.

Hats Off To This Trend!

Cochella Fan 2010,

Bailey 'Mannes' Hat

Price $53.00

For purchasing info,Bailey 'Salem' Straw Hatclick on the photos.

Bailey 'Billy' Straw Hat

Price $55.00

Bailey 'Mannes' Hat

Price $55.00

Short Short Shorts!

Time to “hit the gym” girls, because looks like we got a quite “a leg” ahead of us for spring and summer trends.

Cochella Fans 2010- Notice the trend in Doc Martins! Who would have thought? Who wears short shorts? They wear short shorts!
Fan of Cochella 2010,
Carolina Herrera Spring 2010
Stella McCartney Spring 2010
David Vasiljevic Spring 2010
Karl Lagerfeld Spring 2010

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