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Diamonds and A Girl’s Best Friends

Oddly enough, all of my closest friends are engaged.  And while I have always heard that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, I would trade 100 diamonds for just one best friend any day, although my BFF’s might not be so willing to give their “square cut’s” up-especially now!   In support of all five of my closest girl and guy friends currently engaged, I have decided to post an all out wedding bliss post filled with cool links, pictures, ideas, sites, and top planners in hopes of possibly answering some of their questions and maybe some of yours.  Weddings are really tough and expensive these days. (Just something I am learning)  I just don’t think it should have to be such a daunting and overwhelming task. So cheers and let’s make this a little bit more fun!


Location! Location! Location! It is not all about the dress when you live in L.A.!

I am finding that the biggest challenge for my friends is booking the venue. Whether it is an outdoor wedding you want or just a venue that will allow you to treat your guests to a luxurious and intimate party for under $80,000.00 – it is no easy task! So, here are some options.

Estates Weddings and Events

Here Comes The Guide
Here Comes The Guide










Wedding Compass
The Wedding Compass









All About The Details

Wedding planners can prove to be invaluable and truly “worth their weight in gold” at the end of the day. However, I must preface this by saying the right wedding planner is key- otherwise, you are better off having your special day completely unorganized and totally crazy but the way you want it, even if it is a little bit crazy! Here are a few I would recommend.

Lindsey Hamilton Events









Peonies & Palettes Boutique Wedding Planning Co.


or just plan yourself using The Knot’s planning tools.

The Knot
The Knot's Planning Tools



Beautiful Backyard Wedding


Elegant Blue Wedding Chair Covers
Unique Beach Wedding Decorations
Sea Shell Place Card Holders
Boutique Tents

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Get It While It’s “Haute”- The LA Food Truck Trend “Driving” People Crazy!


If you haven’t heard about the latest food craze, it’s time to google!! Check out The LA Food Trucks online and find almost any gourmet food truck trucking around Los Angeles! Early, late, whenever- there’s nothing more fun and tasty than hunting one of these meals on wheels!! I tried to “Kogi” truck the other night and I will have to say, it was UNBELIEVABLE!

Check out the pork burrito and you will fall in love at first bite! It’s cheap, good, and very clean as they are randomly checked by the health department and inspected regularly. I am still looking for the Sprinkles truck, so wish me luck on tracking it down. Just go to LA Food Trucks , and start chasing them down!  How far are you willing to travel? Well, let your appetite help determine your decision.

Eat and be Merry!!!

Abby Fender- Your Bargain Buddy and Personal Shopping Material Girl

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Abby Goes Shopping at The LA Flower Mart

Abby Fender at The LA Flower Mart from Abby Fender on Vimeo.

Hey Guys,
So, I hope you enjoyed the show, and here are a few pictures of the things I saw and eventually created out of my $90.00 of fabulous flowers and $100.00 for supplies, tools, and a big vase. Not too bad.
Josef Mieli from “Dalsol Orchid Warehouse” is a great resource and I cannot tell you how affordable his orchids are compared to any flower retailer in the city. Not only are they stunning, but they are healthy and come in a wide variety of colors and breeds. Also, check out the moss I mentioned- “Deer Moss.” It is really cool stuff! More to come…

Here’s the info:

Dalsol Orchid Warehouse
(213) 614-1925
San Julian St. Los Angles, CA

The Los Angeles Flower Mart
766 Wall Street Los Angeles, CA
Mon. – Sat., 6 am to 2 pm
(213) 627-3696

Phail Orchids at Dalsol Orchid Warehouse
Phail Orchids at Dalsol Orchid Warehouse
LA Flower Mart
The Original LA Flower Mart
Abby's Home-made arrangement
Abby's Home-made arrangement

Flowers at the Mart

Great Greenery
Great Greenery

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The Theme Is Sale

Finds on the web at unbeatable prices. Every girl will want to rush online before they run out! Armani Prive’s new hair care products- revolutionary!

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The Best Part Of Waking Up!

Classic Roast

Click Here To Listen!

Check Out What’s Brewin’!!!

Hey y’all! Just thought I would let you in on a little secret. Next time you are in the car and listening to the radio, if you hear an ad for Folger’s coffee, it is me! Just landed my very first Folger’s jingle and although I never drink coffee, for me it is still “the best part of waking up!” Take a listen here or in the car. Also, check out the cool coffee products I found!

Bodum Mousse Electric Milk Frother

Price $29.95

Create smooth, delicious foamed milk with the Mousse Electric Milk Frother from Bodum. This stylish, compact milk frother is designed to quickly foam milk without heating it. It features a push button on the top to give you full control, and the 5 oz glass beaker provides a clear view of your milk. The Mousse Electric Milk Frother uses a built-in spiral wand to thicken the milk, which can be adjusted to deliver the best foam for different quantities of milk. Simply move it up or down depending on how much milk you’re foaming, and the spiral frothing wand will deliver fast, consistent froth in about 20 seconds. The Bodum Mousse Electric Milk Frother not only froths milk, but it’s also great for dressings, whipped toppings and light mixing. Requires 2 AA batteries, not included.

Bodum Calorius Electric Water Kettle

Price $69.99

The hassle of heating water on the stove is over with the Calorius electric water kettle. Just plug it in and 48 oz. of water will be heated in no time. The gorgeous brushed stainless steel finish and elegant lines make this kettle as aesthetically pleasing as it is useful. The transparent polycarbonate cover is extremely durable and features a whistle indicating when the water has reached boiling temperature. The Calorius also comes in a stovetop version for those who like the old fashioned process. Available with two different polycarbonate lids: clear and orange.

Bodum Eileen Coffee Press

Price $59.99 – $69.99

I love this particular item because it is just so cute. Why not have great coffee and be stylish at the same time? With the Eileen Coffee Press you can!

Keurig B30 Mini Brewer White

Price $89.95

The Keurig Mini B30 single-serve brewing system lets you enjoy brewing away from home. With The Keurig B30 Mini and their patented K-Cups, you can brew fresh, great tasting coffee at your desk, in your dorm room, in your hotel room, in your boat, or just about anywhere. The Mini only takes 3 minutes to heat the water and brew the perfect cup of gourmet coffee, tea or hot cocoa. To enjoy a great cup of freshly brewed coffee, all you have to do is plug in the Mini, pour in 8 oz of water, insert a K-Cup and push a button. K-cups are pre-measured single-servings of coffee that eliminate the hassle of grinding, tamping, measuring and messy clean-up. And you can choose from over 200 different coffee, tea and hot cocoa varieties from 13 gourmet partners. Better than coffee to go, it’s the coffee machine to go. Also available in black.

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Deep In The Heart Of Texas

Deep In The Heart Of Texas!

It has been a while since I have been home, but I thought I would go and visit my folks in East Texas, Tyler to be exact. It was an absolute blast and the first three hours proved to be quite an adventure.  If you know about Diary Queen, you will appreciate the video I am about to post and if anyone has ever been stopped by the Highway patrol, I am sure you can relate to the next video post. Anyhow, I just wanted to share the fun times in Ft. Worth, Tyler, and Dallas and let you in on where I am from and what we Texans do when we all get together!

Have a great day and enjoy the videos!

Abby Fender- Your Bargain Buddy and Personal Shopping Material Girl

Everything’s Better In Texas! from Abby Fender on Vimeo.

The Dairy Queen Up-Close and Personal from Abby Fender on Vimeo.

Mom Gets Caught from Abby Fender on Vimeo.

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Out With The Old And In With The New!!

Lately, I have been doing a lot of crafty projects, which is not exactly my forte, but every young lady living on a budget will eventually find herself giving in to the harsh realities of learning how to “snake a drain,” or install track lighting, or most recently and in my case, re-upholster dining room chairs! So, I decided to film the process and let you in on how simple and accident prone I, like the “average Joe,” can be sometimes! Enjoy!
Also, check back tomorrow for the flea market extravaganza footage and incredible bargains I found this past Sunday! I found lots of awesome resources for you guys! Can’t wait to share!
Happy Shopping and Good Luck with your Power Tools,

Abby Fender- Your Bargain Buddy and Personal Shopping Material Girl

Abby Fender Recovers Her Dining Room Chairs! from Abby Fender on Vimeo.

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