SCHUYLER FISK’S BLUE RIBBON WINNER!” And ladies and gents, this little gal sure is with her amazing new sophomore release.


I have known Schuyler all my life. A friendship that spans three generations back is a pretty special one, regardless of professional accomplishments, but I am especially proud to introduce my friend to you all who do not already know her from her debut album “The Good Stuff,” because she is truly an amazing person inside and out! Schuyler has been playing the guitar since her early teens.  I honestly cannot recall ever going over to the house and not hearing about “this awesome new song” she’s writing or sitting down to she and her guitar to listen to a rough melody still being worked out.  

Way back when, we were both taking guitar lessons to learn how to play our songs we had recorded. Poor Schuyler had the task of “teaching” me the art of songwriting. This is obviously not a “teachable” art, and she was so sweet even attempting.  (Eventually, it came to me…like five years later!) But, the inspiration to learn and do it was all Schuyler.  We sang together a lot and I would always get so excited any time she had a new home-made CD with a fresh-off-the-press demo-ed song! We’d get in the car and turn on the speakers and jam out to the new tune.  Before she had met her fiance, she and I both were going through the up’s and down’s of being single girls in L.A.. With this said, she had a LOT of life to pull from at that particular time.  The best part about Schuyler’s songwriting that sets her apart from a lot of other talented songwriters is that she writes from her life.  For a while there, I would be able to tell exactly which events had inspired the song we were listening to; it’s a really special experience to listen to your life in the form of a beautiful song with clever lyrics that sum up an entire month of drama or a simple moment of pure bliss.  This gift of Schuyler’s is evident to people who do not know her personally, as her music is universal. The melodies stick with you and you find yourself humming it at work.  She is one of the most optimistic people I know. She always has a smile on her face and quite literally, a song in her heart.  Sky is an amazing singer and with her Virginia roots, she has stayed true to who she is carrying a down-to-Earth country/folk vibe through out both albums.  I do not put that lightly, as anyone in the music industry knows, staying true to who you are as an artist/writer is much more challenging than it sounds in today’s world of commercialism major record labels are pressured by daily. So, after downloading the album, you can really enjoy the tunes knowing these tunes are as “true blue” as Miss Fisk herself!

Madison and sister Schuyler about 6 years ago! Crazy how time flies!

Also, she may be coming to a city near you, so take a look at her touring schedule on facebook and BECOME A FAN!

To read more about Miss Fisk, here is an awesome article that pretty much spells it out for you. I love her, album or no album, but this girl has got “chops” and heart! A heart of gold.

And if you are more visual than others and would like to really get an inside peek into the world of Schuyler Fisk, check out the “Making of the record” video.

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