Diets Don’t Work, So Instead Try A “Healthier” Way of Living! Here Are Some Amazing Snacks And Products To Keep You Full and Happy.

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"Crispy Green" Apples – Freeze Dried And No Sugar Added

Crispy Green Freeze-Dried Fruit Snacks

Why I Love Them:  This product is one of my absolute favs! I love them because one bag is the equivalent of eating one whole apple, but these are much tastier and easier to eat. They are completely natural and unlike dried fruit, Crispy Green’s products have a hint of natural cane sugar, but it’s a tiny amount. Each bag is 100 calories and that is it.  So, to sum it up, this product is my favorite because I love fruit, I can eat these on the go and feel satisfied and full, and most importantly, they keep me happy and healthy!

Where To Purchase:  Use this handy dandy store locator for your convenience or you can buy them directly from Crispy Green, but if you live in a city with a Whole Foods, skip all this and head to the WF Market- they have a great selection and have been carrying the product for several years now.

Flavors: FruitziO Apples & StrawberriesFruitziO ApricotsFruitziO PeachesFruitziO StrawberriesCrispy ApplesCrispy Asian PearsCrispy Bananas, & Crispy Pineapples

Price: $33.50 for a 12 pack box or $2.79 for individual packs (0.88 oz)

Emily's Chocolates- Dark Chocolate Covered Strawberries, blueberries, and more!

Emily’s Chocolates

Why I Love Them:  Emily’s Chocolates are full of the highest quality natural ingredients and really satisfy my sweet tooth!  I love the company’s motto, that the best foods are the simplest. This is so true! Who knew chocolate covered strawberries and blueberries could ever be bought and carried around in a bag for your snacking pleasure? She is an absolute genius. If you’re nuts about nuts, never fear she included cashews, walnuts, almonds, and macadamias in her chocolate covered confection collection.

Where To Purchase:  Whole Foods is a great source to find these yummy treats or order directly from Emily’s Chocolates .

Flavors:  Dark chocolate strawberries, cranberries, blueberries, cherries, cashews, almonds, macadamias, and walnuts.

Price: Between $3.99 for the 5 oz. bag and $13.49 for the 20 oz bag

Wrigley's React Gum

Wrigley’s React Gum

Why I Love It:  Can I just start by saying, how cool is the packaging?  I personally love it!  The Wrigley gum company has yet to create a really tasty SUGAR+FREE gum, until now.  Actually, React was released in 2008, but it is just now taking off and they are expanding the flavor selection. Might I recommend the “New” Elixir- it is amazing! You might think I am crazy for posting a gum, but try it and you will understand why.  Benefits of chewing gum include improved concentration, focus, and alertness. As well as a proven stress reliever and aid to improving oral health. Some statistics have shown it to curb your appetite as well!

Where To Purchase:  Any grocery or convenient store in America. It is readily stocked and available.

Flavors: Rain®…a tingling spearmint, Cobalt®…a cooling peppermint, Flare®…a warming cinnamon, Elixir®…a mouthwatering berry, Lush™…a crisp tropical, Solstice™…a warm and cool winter, Zing™…a sour to sweet bubble, React™ Fruit…a unique fruit flavor experience, React™ Mint…a unique mint flavor experience

Price:  $1.49 per pack

At only 60 calories a pop and 13 grams of sugar- These are a sweet treat!

Ciao Bella Gelato

Why I Love Them: Obviously, I love anything from this company, but these little Gelato Pops are not only a great way to sooth the sugar cravings, but also a great source of vitamin C! Forget Flinstone Kid Vitamins! While they only have one flavor, (Blood Orange) I am certain Ciao Bella will expand the flavor selection.  These are only 60 calories each and 13 grams of sugar! These are sure to be a “Pop-u-lar” treat around the house!

Where To Purchase:  Whole Foods, Ralphs, Walmart, Harris Teeter, Green Wire, Target and use the store locator as well to find the nearest retailer in your area.

Flavors: Blood Orange Sorbet Only

Price:  $6.99

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