Oddly enough, all of my closest friends are engaged.  And while I have always heard that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, I would trade 100 diamonds for just one best friend any day, although my BFF’s might not be so willing to give their “square cut’s” up-especially now!   In support of all five of my closest girl and guy friends currently engaged, I have decided to post an all out wedding bliss post filled with cool links, pictures, ideas, sites, and top planners in hopes of possibly answering some of their questions and maybe some of yours.  Weddings are really tough and expensive these days. (Just something I am learning)  I just don’t think it should have to be such a daunting and overwhelming task. So cheers and let’s make this a little bit more fun!


Location! Location! Location! It is not all about the dress when you live in L.A.!

I am finding that the biggest challenge for my friends is booking the venue. Whether it is an outdoor wedding you want or just a venue that will allow you to treat your guests to a luxurious and intimate party for under $80,000.00 – it is no easy task! So, here are some options.

Estates Weddings and Events

Here Comes The Guide
Here Comes The Guide










Wedding Compass
The Wedding Compass









All About The Details

Wedding planners can prove to be invaluable and truly “worth their weight in gold” at the end of the day. However, I must preface this by saying the right wedding planner is key- otherwise, you are better off having your special day completely unorganized and totally crazy but the way you want it, even if it is a little bit crazy! Here are a few I would recommend.

Lindsey Hamilton Events









Peonies & Palettes Boutique Wedding Planning Co.


or just plan yourself using The Knot’s planning tools.

The Knot
The Knot's Planning Tools



Beautiful Backyard Wedding


Elegant Blue Wedding Chair Covers
Unique Beach Wedding Decorations
Sea Shell Place Card Holders
Boutique Tents

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